What does a nice ass have to do with Abilene? Well, I've seen quite a few nice butts here, but honestly, it was a ploy to get you to look. So, now that you're here, check out some of the "Best of Abilene" articles published on our website.

  • Best Apps to Have in Abilene

    Wanna stay tuned to all that's Abilene? Then grab these apps for your iPhone or Android. Check out this article for more details.

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  • Best Disc Golf Courses In Abilene

    Whether you play disc golf all the time or if you're looking to get into the sport, this list will help you find a good course to play on. If you know of other disc golf courses we missed, feel free to add to the list.

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  • Food Staples of Abilene

    When you go to the coast, you have to eat seafood. Like the coast and their seafood, we have food staples you must try while in Abilene.

  • Restaurants We Wish We Had in Abilene

    Yeah, we have plenty of restaurants here. But, we also have a ton that we wish we had and this article is about those that The Painman wish we had.

  • Best Burger in Abilene

    Nothing beats a good burger. Well, free beer might, but you get the point. Here's an article listing the best burgers in Abilene.

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  • Best Chicken Fried Steak in Abilene

    Nothing is more Abilene than chicken fried steak. You can get a chicken fried steak anywhere. This article is about the best chicken fried steaks in the area.

  • Best Cheap Restaurants in Abilene

    If you're broke like those of us in radio are, then this article is for you if you like to eat out.

  • Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner in Abilene

    Not everyone wants to cook a huge meal on Thanksgiving. For those that don't, this is an article on places that serve Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • Best Place to Take Dad for Fathers Day in Abilene

    Do you buy dad a tie every year? If you want to do something different, then check out this list of places to take dad this Father's Day.

  • Best Coffee in Abilene

    Do you like coffee? Do you like coffee shops? This article is for you.

  • Best Bars in Abilene to Sneak Out to During the Holidays

    No doubt we love our family visiting during the holidays, but there are times we all need a break. This article is just the break you need. OK, well, the bars in this article are the destination for said break.

  • Best Places in Abilene for a Bachelor Party

    So, you are getting married and it's time for your bachelor party. Then this is the guidebook to your inequity for said event.

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  • Best Happy Hour in Abilene

    The economy ain't so bad, but it doesn't hurt to save a buck or two when at the bar, right? Here's a list of the best happy hours in Abilene.

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  • Best Halloween Parties and Events

    Nothing is more fun than dressing up like a hooker, super hero or vampire and partying with all your friends. Here's an article about the best Halloween parties in the area.

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  • Best Places to Hook Up in Abilene

    Having a hard time meeting people online? Then get your ass out of the house and follow The Painman's list and you'll experience success like none other.

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  • Best Places in Abilene for a First Date

    Planning a first date no longer has to be difficult if you read this article.

  • Best Places to Fill Out Your School Supplies List

    When it's time for school parents are scrambling for school supplies. This article should help you out when it comes to buying supplies.

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  • Best Labor Day Sales

    Labor Day sales are some of the biggest and best of the year. So, if you wanna save some serious cash around Labor Day, check out this article for the low down.

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  • Living Legends of Abilene TV and Radio

    Yes, even Abilene has a few living legends. Check out Chaz's list of legends.

  • Things to Do With the Kids on a Snow Day

    It doesn't snow all year, but we get our fair share of snow here in Abilene. Here are a few ideas that Chaz has for a good snow day.

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  • Worst White Elephant Gifts Ever

    Doesn't fail. Every Christmas you get dragged out to a white elephant gift party. Next thing you know, you're stuck with a gift that you hope no one ever sees. Is that gift on this list?

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  • Top 5 Things to Do in Abilene on Memorial Day

    What do you like to do on Memorial Day weekend? Oh, you don't know? Then check out this article for some ideas.

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  • How to Get Ready for Dallas Cowboys Football

    Each NFL season we blow the dust off our coolers, grills, jerseys and foam fingers. How do you get ready for each Dallas Cowboys season? This article is how Chaz prepares for each season. I wonder if "disappointment" is part of the preparation?

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  • People From Abilene Who Made it Big

    Did you know Chuck Norris is from Abilene? Well, not really, but we do have quite a few natives that made it big.

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  • You Know You're From Abilene When...

    Every city has a list like this and we're sure there's quite a bit missing from ours. Please share your ideas for the list.

  • Best Ways to Conserve Water During a Drought in Abilene

    Want to do your part to save water and money? Check out these tips to help you do just that.

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  • Best Pizza In Abilene

    There is no shortage of pizza places in Abilene. Here's a list of some of the best in town.