Out here in West Texas, a chicken fried steak is referred to as a “chicken fry”. When saying it you have to kinda let the word “fry” tail off too. Almost as if it's not a word. Trust me, you can order a chicken fried steak without knowing how to properly say it. Yes, every waitress in town knows what that means and can distinguish that from chicken fried chicken. There are few factors to weigh into a good “chicken fry”, and that's the steak itself, the batter/crust, the gravy…and the size. Hey, this is Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas. We have quite a few places to sink your teeth into a good chicken fried steak, so try em all. Now that you're hungry, the following list, of the best chicken fried steak in Abilene, will do you some good.

  • Mary's Cafe

    Mary's Cafe is located at 119 Grant Ave in Strawn Texas. Mary's is known for their enormous portions. You will commonly hear Mary's and Doggie Bag in the same sentence. The chicken fried steak at Mary's has a light crust and is pan fried, as opposed to deep fried. Did I mention the large portions? On your first trip, don't order the large...unless you plan on staying a while.

    Dean D./Yelp
  • Towne Crier Steak House

    Towne Crier Steak House is located at 818 East Highway 80 in Abilene, Texas. The chicken fried steaks at Towne Crier are light on the batter so you're not gonna take one bite then be left with nothing but a crusty shell. The steak is really tender and comes in a large portion. To top of a perfect chicken fried steak, the cream gravy at Towne Crier is perfectly seasoned and never clumpy.

    Randy D./Yelp
  • Lytle Land & Cattle

    Granted, Lytle Land & Cattle is known for their "big ol steaks", but that's not all they serve. Their menu is about as diverse as it gets in Abilene; and that includes a hearty chicken fried steak. Like the aforementioned restaurants, Lytle Land & Cattle doesn't believe in a heavy crust on their chicken fried steak, which is my preference. Their deliciously tender steak is also topped with cream gravy. From year to year, Lytle Land & Cattle has been voted best (or runner up) chicken fried steak in the Abilene Reporter News Readers Choice Awards.

  • Beehive Restaurant

    The Beehive originated in Albany and people would drive from miles on end to visit the Beehive because of their amazing chicken fried steak. The original location still stands, but a second now resides at 442 Cedar in Abilene, Texas. The chicken fried steak from the Beehive has, many times, been compared to that of one that grandmother would make. Whether you're there for lunch or dinner, you can't go wrong with the chicken friend steak at the Beehive.

    TxJim/Urban Spoon
  • Tye Truck Stop

    You're not gonna get the table clothe, four star atmosphere at the Tye Truck Stop Restaurant, but you will get one of the best home style meals you've ever eaten. My family and I try to visit the Tye Truck Stop a few times a month, primarily for breakfast. Every time I go, I order The Texan, which is chicken fried steak, eggs, toast/biscuits and hash browns. The cream gravy is the best on the planet and the chicken fried steak itself is surprisingly tender and perfectly seasoned. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. You can find the Tye Truck Stop on the south side of I-20 in Tye, Texas.

    Randy D./Yelp
  • Cotton Patch Cafe

    The Cotton Patch Cafe was awarded the Best Chicken Fried Steak in Abilene by the Abilene Reporter News Readers Choice Awards. I've never tried the chicken fried steak at the Cotton Patch (because I always eat their meatloaf which is my favorite) but according to their menu "It's big! Fresh cut of choice beef, breaded by hand, deep-fried and topped with our famous cream gravy". If you want a super large helping of a chicken fried steak at a really low price, then check them out on Monday nights from 4pm til close because it's served up at the low price of $6.99. The Cotton Patch Cafe is located at 3302 South Clack in Abilene, Texas.