Well, it appears wedding season is upon us and with weddings come bachelor parties. Obviously, the bachelor party is the most important part of the marriage, right?

Well, without further adieu, here's my list of best places for a bachelor party in Abilene (and the surrounding area).

Local Bars

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First and foremost, do it responsibly. No sense in missing your wedding because your dumb ass got busted for drinking and driving.

Get a cab, limo, designated driver, whatever. Just don't drive drunk because when you play bar golf or go bar hopping, you want to make sure you're able to party your ass off and get home safely.

Besides, at this point, you're still a single man. No sense in worrying about driving if you scored a few hookers or strippers for the night, right?

Why is it important to bar hop? Well, so you can maximize the number of people you see that will know it's a bachelor party. You never know, free drinks may come your way.

We've got some cool bars in this area that will gladly take your money, pour your drinks and allow you to enjoy your last night of freedom (or your buddies last night of freedom).

Prime Time Family Entertainment Center


Granted, not all bachelor parties have to include strippers and booze, although those are my favorite.

Prime Time Family Entertainment Center is a great place to host your bachelor party.

There's plenty of down home, good ol' clean fun that includes NASCAR simulators, bowling, laser tag, batting cages, go karts, video games, bumper cars and miniature golf.

Challenge your buddies to all those games then the loser pays the tab at the bar that night.

House Party

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There's nothing wrong with having a bachelor party at your house.

OK, let me rephrase that...there's nothing wrong with having a bachelor party at your buddies house. Yeah, host it at a willing participants house, that way you don't have to worry about repairing the holes in the wall, cleaning the puke out of the carpet, and explaining to your wife or roommate about the funny look on your dogs face.

So, get a keg of your favorite beer (I suggest Coors Light), a bottle or 3 of Jager and Crown, some chips, dip and a stripper or two and you're in business.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about tipping your waitress at the end of the night. Yeah, you'll need to pay the stripper, but there's incentive with that payout.

Las Vegas

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Haven't you heard of Las Vegas? I mean, c'mon. Vegas is the ultimate bachelor party destination. Everybody knows that, even your mom.

No sense in worry about planning your bachelor party in Vegas, just use an the all-in-one service.

From hotel to dinner to strip bars to pool parties, let someone else plan it out for you.

Suggested Las Vegas Bachelor Party Hosting Services: Red Carpet VIP · Sin City Parties · Vegas Hot Spots ·  Vegas VIP

The Strip Club


There are many reasons a strip club is the best place to host your bachelor party, but the #1 reason is because there are lots of naked women.

Spending your last bit of freedom at a strip club is expected.

It's our duty as men to enjoy the den of inequity before we take the leap.

Besides, many strip clubs stay open pretty dang late, so when the regular bars are closed down, you're still "making it rain" all over the delicious, naked women. Who knows, maybe one will convince you not to get married.

However, if the bachelor party leaves the strip club without the groom making a stage appearance, then you can't call the night complete. Just sayin'.

Grab your buddies and a pocket full of bills and make sure you don't stand up with a boner.

Suggested strip clubs in Abilene: Jaguars Gold Club · Cloud 9 · Dixie Rose Cabaret

Don't forget, the #1 rule in having a bachelor party is making sure there's a bachelorette party. If the bride doesn't have fun then you're all screwed.

You don't have to plan it, just make sure she gets hers too. Shay, from our sister station KEAN 105, has some great tips for your ladies and their big party.

If you have plans for a bachelor party anytime soon, along with my advice, you might want to take the advice from professionals. Said professionals are in the videos below. Enjoy.