Now, I'm not Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food, but I am on a mission as well.  Yesterday, I asked the question, today, I reveal the answers.  Since it is 4/20, it's a perfect time to find out where the best burger in Abilene is - listener picks.

Yesterday (April 19), I asked  a question on my Facebook page about where the best burger in Abilene was.   I got quite a few answers,  including some nostalgic ones like Mr. G's.  What the heck happened to the place that could satisfy a He-man appetite? (You'll get that if you remember the commercials)

Anyway, here are your answers in no particular order:

1. Heff's Burgers

I have never tried Heff's, but judging by the many responses, I need to go check them out.  Laura Rasor, Jennifer Aldrete, Michael Doershuk, Joe Fry, Jammie Layne, and Cole Ruster all gave their stamp of approval on Heff's.  They are located at 3374 Rebecca Ln. here in Abilene.

2. Larry's Better Burger Drive-In

After a long night of tossing some brew back, throwing down a burger from Larry's is almost mandatory.  Their greasy and delicious home style burgers always hits the spot. Larry's is located at 1233 North Treadaway.

3. Cabo Billiards And Sports Bar

Cabo recently started hooking up some good grub there.  As many times as I have been there, though, I have not had the pleasure of munching on one of their burgers that I have heard a lot of good things about. Ray Ramirez thinks the Cabo burgers are great! Cabo's is open at 11a.m. now and located at 1874 South Clack. For more about Cabo's, check out their website.

4. Stumpy's Cafe

With a name like Stumpy's, they got to have good burgers right?  I have honestly not been to Stumpy's before, but, my buddy Jamie Landers thinks Stumpy's is the bomb!  Check out Stumpy's at 820 South Treadaway.

5. Lucy's

My buddy, Joe Fry mentioned Lucy's on Ambler and Treadaway. He says, "Lucy's at Treadaway and Ambler is damn good too!"   Knowing Joe and how much he likes his food, I know he wouldn't steer me wrong when it comes to good food so Lucy's made the list.  Amy Thompson said she likes Lucy's 'Blue Cheese Burger'. Lucy's is definitely a place place I'll have to check out soon!

6. Gloria's Grill

Located at 228 Chestnut here in Abilene, Gloria's has become a fast favorite among Abileneans. Tommy Westerman digs them for sure. Their patty melts are pretty dang good too.

7. Bill's Burgers

If you want a great old fashioned hamburger that doesn't cost a lot and tastes awesome, check out Bill's Burgers at 834 South 11th street.  Been there plenty of times and it is another place to cure those hangover blues. Try their double patty burger.  It will burst your gut for sure, but well worth it!

8. Red Robin

Yum! Yeah, the commercial doesn't lie.  Red Robin has some amazing burgers and their bottomless fries kick some major ass as well.  I usually get the original Red Robin gourmet cheesburger but I have also tried the whiskey river BBQ cheesburger that have the crispy onion straws on it. Great burgers! It's gourmet burgers at their finest at Red Robin located at 3549 Catclaw Dr. Wanna find out more about Red Robin? Check out their website.

9. Rick and Carolyn's

I have never had a bad burger at Rick and Carolyn's. Made to order and hot and fresh every time, Rick and Carolyn's are one of my favorites in town.  Rick and Carolyn's have several locations in town.

Abilene is definitely not short on burger joints in town. Some honorable mentions go to Texas Steak Express, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Sonic.

I really wish they would bring back Mr. G's burgers.  Something about them that I loved...oh yeah, 99 cent burgers!

Anyway, so those are the best burgers in Abilene - listener picks.  Got any more ideas, feel free to leave them here.

Now, I'm off to go get a burger cause I'm freakin' hunrgy.  Thanks for the response!