Nervous about that first date and not sure exactly where to go? We have some ideas that might get you a second date if you play your cards right.  

  • Go To The Zoo

    Yes, seriously. Think about it. First, it is an inexpensive way to have some quality time with the one you're out with. Second, it can be relaxing for both of you which optimizes your chances to get to know each other better without the awkwardness. Plus, if the other person is an animal lover, you might just score some brownie points. After the zoo, take them to actually get a brownie because brownies are good.

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  • Relive Your Childhood

    If you want to relive your childhood, taking your date to a somewhere like PrimeTime Family Entertainment will definitely do the trick. The complex, which caters to kids of all ages, has bowling, go-carts, video games, miniature golf and a ton of other fun stuff that will make you feel like a kid again. Who knows, you might be passing notes back and forth that say "check yes or no" before you know it. Check out PrimeTime's website below.

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  • Go To A Drive-In Theater

    If you're going to take your date to a movie, at least make it a drive-in movie. Luckily, Abilene has a very good one called Town & Country. One reason the drive-in is such a great place is because you watch the movie from the comfort of your own car and not have to worry about someone going to get a snack, then having to come back down the aisle to their seat. That one on one time could provide a little romance in the form of a first kiss. Just don't get too comfortable and fall asleep.

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  • Go For A Walk

    Whether it's a walk around town, or a walk at one of the many parks in Abilene, sometimes just taking a little stroll and chat about whatever can be one of the easiest, and inexpensive things you can do on a first date. If you are interesting enough, the conversation won't be forced which will make things more comfortable for both of you. Just make sure you're not talking about an ex because that will deflate your first date faster than anything.

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  • Play Video Games

    If your date is into video games, it might be time for a virtual smackdown on some PS4, XBOX, or whatever gaming console you use. Just don't let the competitive side of you go too overboard, or you might just see their game rage come out.

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  • Go Bowling

    It may be old school, but bowling has stood the test of time as far as dating goes. It's casual, fun, and fairly inexpensive. Plus, being in a low-stressed environment will keep your date comfortable, making it a lot easier to make fun of their bowling shoes. Check out the links below for locations of bowling alleys in Abilene.


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  • Check Out A Concert or Local Event

    There is definitely no shortage of concerts and other events in Abilene. Whether you like country, rock, or even rap, there are plenty of concerts that come to Abilene. Not only that, we are lucky enough to have plenty of events to check out in the key city. Check out the events section of this website for more details.


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