The most important element of a great joke is the delivery of the punchline. Screw that up and the entire joke is dead. So, as an ode to the punchline, I'm giving you the punchline first – then you figure out the joke.

Today’s punchline: The man stumbled back in and said "where's that gal with the loose tooth?"

Take a sec to try and figure it out… then scroll down.

Warning: some jokes may be offensive. Just remember, they're jokes.






A broke man walks into a bar and begs the bartender for a shot of whiskey as he is down on his luck and has no money.

The bartender tells the poor man "If you can finish this bottle of whiskey, keep it down for 5 minutes, go outside and pull the loose tooth out of my rabid dog's mouth, then come back in and pleasure the woman upstairs who's never had an orgasm...then you can drink here free for life".

The man ponders that for just a second, then picks up the bottle of whiskey and drinks it down. He then sits there for 5 minutes to prove he held down the booze then went outside.

30 minutes later, the man stumbled back in and said "Where's that gal with a loose tooth?"