There are many tales of ghosts and other phenomena in Texas but have you ever heard of or experienced The Lady of the Lake at Fort Phantom in Abilene? Sit right back and prepare for the hairs on your neck to rise.

The following is a tale of jealousy, love, anger, and rage as a man who had gone off to war returns to confront his lover who was allegedly having an affair.

The Lady of the Lake

This haunting story begins in the 1940s when a woman named Mona Bell reunited with her boyfriend who had just returned from war. The two agreed to meet at a popular place on Lake Fort Phantom with the boyfriend telling Mona that he would flash his car's headlights three times so that she could find him.

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Fit of Rage

Before the meeting, the boyfriend received information from his friend that he had "kept Mona company" while he was at war. This made the boyfriend fly into a rage so that when he and Mona met, he instantly wrapped his hands around her neck, strangled her, and then threw her into Lake Fort Phantom.

Witnesses claimed they heard Mona's blood-curdling scream as she drowned in the lake that day.

Today, it is said that as you approach certain spots at Lake Fort Phantom at night, the Lady of the Lake will make your headlights flicker as a dense fog moves across your vehicle. It is Mona's way of seeking revenge on her killer.

Have you had a ghostly encounter with the Lady of the Lake?

Personally, I've seen some pretty creepy things out at Lake Fort Phantom, but I have yet to experience the flickering of the lights or any fog overtaking me. Yet others have witnessed these events on several occasions.

Photo: KEYJ Facebook
Photo: KEYJ Facebook

YouTuber, nyrac6275 made a mine movie about the haunting tale which you can view below.

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