The City of Abilene is currently taking bids for a potentially huge plan that would affect the face of Fort Phantom Lake.

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Dubbed the Lake Fort Phantom Recreational Development and Parks Master Plan, it includes improvements to the lake and new boat docks, a camping area, a fishing pier, a restaurant, and more.


This RFP is issued by the City of Abilene Parks and Recreation Department for the purpose of establishing a planning document that encapsulates the holistic vision of recreational development potential at and around Lake Fort Phantom, including a Parks Master Plan. The outcomes proposed should clearly define effective use of existing facilities with potential facility improvements, additions, magnitude of probable cost, and staffing adjustments/additions to best meet the needs of the Abilene citizens and guests served at Lake Fort Phantom. (City of Abilene)

First off, I have to give kudos to the city for trying to help Abilene grow. Sure it's debatable how the city goes about doing some things, but the general idea is to improve Abilene and I'm all for that.

As a longtime Abilene resident, I used to go out to the lake just about every weekend when I was younger. I always thought it would be way cooler if there were more options out there for entertainment. Sure you don't want it to be too busy because part of the allure of going out to the lake is the peace and quiet it affords.

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As far as the potential lake improvement project, I think it's an awesome idea. I have always thought with a lake that size, there should be more for the eye to see. I just feel like the city has overlooked the potential for us to have an incredible lake.

I would love to see our lake get the benefit of a massive improvement but still keep the integrity of its natural beauty and solitude.

What improvements or additions would you like to see at Lake Fort Phantom?

Lake Fort Phantom, which is north of Abilene in Jones County, covers over 4200 acres of land with 29 miles of shoreline according to their official website

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