An Abilene woman who photographed breathtaking images of the Key City recently tragically passed away.

Kayla Christianson lived with her husband atop the Hotel Wooten in Abilene. I didn't know her personally and never met her in person, but I knew by the images she posted, she had to be an awesome person.

Awhile back I was writing an article on how some kids were causing a bit of trouble on the new electric scooters (at the time) that had just arrived in Abilene. As I was researching the story, I noticed pictures Kayla had posted from atop the Hotel Wooten that showed what the kids on scooters had been up to. So I reached out to her for permission to use her images. Kayla immediately gave me the okay, and I wrote that article.

As I was pulling those images, I noticed a ton of other pictures Kayla had posted on her Facebook page of the Abilene skyline. These images ranged from storms rolling across town, smoke plumes of area fires, nightlife, and everything in between. I thought the photographs were amazing. So I reached out to Kayla again, and she gave me permission to use those images in a gallery (see below).

As I said, I never met her in person, but we have all been able to see how beautiful Abilene can be through the eyes of Kayla. I know she had to have been an amazing person. Our thoughts go out to Kayla's family during this difficult time.

Below is the original story published in August 2022 that includes some of the stunning images Kayla provided. RIP Kayla. 

Original Story - August 2022

The fact that Abilene is flat is definitely something we can all agree on about the Key City. Because of that, sometimes you have to "get high" to snap a great picture. (no, I'm not talking about smoking the devil's lettuce, I'm talking about getting on a tall building) That's exactly what one Abilene resident does. Check out some of these stunning views of Abilene that were captured from the historic Hotel Wooten.

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Kayla Christianson lives at the Hotel Wooten. She constantly snaps pictures of beautiful sunsets, amazing sunrises, downtown nightlife, and more. In fact, she is the one who provided me with a video for an article I wrote about kids using those Bird Scooters to cause some issues downtown recently.

Kayla definitely has an eye for capturing the beauty of Abilene from her home perched up high in downtown Abilene.

Check out these views of Abilene that highlight thunderstorms rolling through town, sunsets, downtown nightlife, snow, the devasting Mesquite Heat Fire back in May of 2022, and even images of the new hotel being built in downtown Abilene.

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Gallery Credit: Chaz

Did you know Abilene could look so awesome? It's all about perspective. Yes, Abilene is flat, and crazy cool views can be limited, but if you pick the right spot, you can capture the beauty of what is in Abilene, Texas.

I want to personally thank Kayla for providing us with these absolutely amazing images. You are truly taking some awesome pictures! 

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