Folks in Texas seem to disagree on social media more than they agree. But when it comes to Abilene, there are many things I think most of us can agree on. Keep reading to see the 20 things that we can all nod our heads and agree on.

I reached out to my friends on Facebook to ask what was one thing we could all agree on. I figured I would get the usual comments like...tons of churches, bad drivers, or that Abilene is boring. But there were some answers I wasn't expecting.

Check out what Abilene had to say below.

Things People in Abilene Can Agree On

Gallery Credit: Chaz

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As you can see, there are a lot of things that most people in Abilene think our city needs to work on. But some matters are not exactly in our control. Like the traffic backing up on Southwest Drive for Chic-fil-A or the geographical location that makes us flat. I mean we can't control the sun, right?

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Yeah, we got bad roads, people don't know how to drive, it's as flat as a pancake here, and there are some eyesores in town. But, as I mentioned with that last image, Abilene ultimately knows how to come together. I think we can all agree on that.

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