Last week on our website, we featured some of the most hilarious stories including a Blue October interview with Justin Furstenfeld where yours truly lost complete control over the interview. Plus, Courtney Love apparently solved some of history's biggest mysterious. Those stories and more are featured in your top stories recap for March 17-23.

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    Hilarious Interview With Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October

    Blue October recently stopped off in Abilene and played one of the most amazing shows we’ve ever had. Well, before the show, frontman Justin Furstenfeld stopped by the Rock 108 studios and talked with Frank Pain and I about everything from the band and his sobriety, to doing hilarious impersonations. It was truly one of the most memorable interviews I’ve ever been a part of.

    Photo By Chaz
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    Courtney Love Finds Missing Malaysian Flight and Solves 10 Other Mysteries

    Courtney Love has popped up in the news again, this time claiming that she knows the location of missing Malaysian flight 370. Well, apparently, that is not the only thing she has found as she has solved 10 other mysteries as well. Check out this developing story.

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images
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    ‘The Walking Dead’ to Receive Family-Friendly Makeover

    Those rotting, walking corpses aren’t really corpses — they’re just really sick. Really, really sick. We’re guessing that will be the new approach taken to make ‘The Walking Dead,’ perhaps the most violent show ever produced for cable, more “family friendly.”

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    The Yoga Pants Prank Is Back (And Better Than Ever)

    Earlier this month, an enterprising young man decided to pull a fast one on other men with a clever prank in which he duped other guys into thinking he was a woman by looking at his backside while wearing tight yoga pants.

    It got quite the reaction, so the sequel is here.

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    Ready for the Big One? Jimmy Kimmel Presses LA Residents About a Fake Earthquake

    If the popular ‘Lie Witness News’ segment on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ proves anything, it’s that scads of people are prone to flat-out fibbing when approached with a seemingly obvious question, often quite hilariously. For the latest installment, host Jimmy Kimmel had his team take to the streets of Los Angeles to ask residents about their earthquake preparedness.