Last week, our search for the best of Abilene started including voting for best bar in town. That coupled with some very hot babes and Frank Pain's list of the worst cover songs, recaps our top stories of the week for April 21-27.

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    Vote Now for Your Favorite BBQ Restaurant – The Best of Abilene

    The goal of The Best of Abilene is simply to identify the very best business in each category, according to you, the public. We believe the best judge of a great business is the consumer, not some out of touch panel of judges.

    We’d love to know which restaurant you think has the best BBQ in the Abilene and the surrounding area.

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    You Know You’re From Abilene, Texas if…

    You hear them all the time no matter where you live – those quirky sayings that poke a little fun at your hometown. What makes them funny is that most of the time they are true. So, with a little help from my co-workers at Townsquare Media, you know you’re from Abilene if…

    City of Abilene
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    You Should Watch Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren Put On Her Pants Right Now

    This here is a quick video of two-time Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren performing what for most of us is a rather mundane task: putting on a pair of pants.

    But you’ll notice that when Dianna does it, the activity becomes mesmerizing, hypnotic, compelling viewing.

    Instagram / Dianna Dahlgren
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    The Painman Unveils the Worst Rock Cover Songs of All-Time

    While I have grown fond of a great cover tune, I have also developed a severe disdain of bands covering songs and completely butchering them. There’s nothing wrong with covering a great song, but don’t attempt it if you can’t make it your own and do the original justice.

    Here are just a few great rock songs that have been butchered by those covering them.

    Simone Joyner, Getty Images
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    Hot Instagram Girl of the Week – Suttin Suicide

    If you love tatted up hotties, then you’ll love this week’s Hot Instagram Girl of the Week. Check out the incredible sexy Suttin Suicide.

    Suttin Suicide Instagram