From watching a policeman take down a suspect like a cheetah, to an epic road rage incident caught on tape, this is a recap of some of our top stories from last week.


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    Watch World’s Fastest Policeman Run Down Suspect

    While chasing down a suspect, a policeman in Kentucky, closes in with the speed and ferocity of a cheetah stalking its prey.

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    Seattle Police Reveal New Photos of Kurt Cobain’s Death Scene

    Last week, news broke that Seattle police were reviewing the case of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain‘s death. Part of the review included developing 35mm film that had been sitting in a police station vault for 20 years, and although it was reported that photos of Cobain dead would not be released, the Seattle police have reportedly published nine new pictures of Cobain’s death scene.

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    Woman Records ‘Redneck Road Rage’ and Gets a Little Karma Too [NSFW]

    I’m sure we’ve all had our share of road rage – especially living in Abilene where driving can unleash one heck of a temper. One woman was recording another driver who was having a bit of road rage himself. So, he did what a lot of people do and started flipping the bird to the woman. What happens next will surprise the heck out of you as the woman got a little karma. I will warn you, this does have some NSFW hand gestures in the video.

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    The Painman Pranks Chaz and Dave with Black Licorice Jelly Beans

    So, our local candy lady has a wide assortment of goodies, but my favorite is the jar of jelly beans. The downside to sneaking into her office for a midday snack is that I always get a handful of the nasty-tasting black licorice jelly beans. So, to have a little fun at the expense of my co-workers and to cut down on the black licorice population, I played a little prank on Chaz and Dave.

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    Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way Talks New Music, Touring, and Family

    Adelitas Way have a new single out and have a new album due out this Summer. So, my old friend, Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way, took a little time to chat with me about the new music, touring and the impact his daughter has on his life.

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