With the anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, Seattle Police recently released even more death photos of the late Nirvana singer. That story, plus the hottest Jennifer Lawrence GIFS you'll ever see, and our very first Abilene Area Cosplay feature are all part of our top stories recap.

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    New Disturbing Kurt Cobain Death Scene Photos Released by Seattle Police

    During the past two weeks, new photos have been sporadically released of Kurt Cobain‘s death scene. None of the 16 total pictures released have featured shots of Cobain’s body, until now. Another two photos have been unveiled, and just to warn you, although they are not graphic in nature, they may be seen as disturbing.

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    ‘Jerry Maguire’ – Impromptu Movie Scene Reenactment with Chaz and Dave [NSFW]

    Each week I give Chaz and Dave a script of a famous movie scene to reenact. They never know the movie, the scene nor the script until we start the camera rolling. With these 2, you never know what you’ll get.

    This week, Dave and Chaz reenact the famous “show me the money” scene from Jerry Maguire.

    TriStar Pictures
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    Hottest Jennifer Lawrence GIFs Ever

    Prepare yourselves, fellas, because we’ve rounded up the Hottest Jennifer Lawrence GIFs Ever.

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    The Painman Reveals His Favorite Cover Songs

    The Painman recently updated his list of favorite cover songs. Check out his list and be sure to let us know what your favorite cover songs are.

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    Abilene Area Cosplay Feature of the Week – Annaka Vader

    Cosplay, which is short for costume play, is a performance art where guys and gals will wear costumes and accessories for a cartoon, comic book or any number of different characters. It seems to be getting more more popular these days. So, I set out to find some local cosplayers. And, we’re excited to bring you our first Abilene Area Cosplay Feature of the Week – Annaka Vader.

    Annaka Vader