As we look back on last week, it's no surprise that another hot chick made it on our top stories recap because of what she can do with her boobs. We also laughed our butts off with another hilarious rap battle, and got a little road rage out with a list of stupid things Abilene drivers do. Here is our top stories recap for the week of May 5-11.

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    Texas High School Football Player Throws Long Pass to Himself

    What football team needs to have a quarterback and receiver when you have a dude that can do both – at the same time? Check out this Texas high school football player who not only throws a football 45 yards down the field, but runs and catches it himself.

    Gary Haynes Vine
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    German Model Jordan Carver Shows Top 10 Things She Can Do With Her Boobs [NSFW]

    Guys, apparently, boobs are not just for staring at or motor boating. German model Jordan Carver proves that point as she shows us the perks of having gigantic boobs. Watch this slightly NSFW video where this hottie shows us the many things she can do with her cans, including using them as a popcorn bucket, a beer koozie, and so much more.

    Jordan Carver YouTube
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    Hilarious Epic Rap Battle Puts The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes vs. Breaking Bad’s Walter White [NFSW]

    You might remember some hilarious rap battles including Geek vs. Nerd, Mozart vs. Skrillex or their Yo Daddy battles. Well, prepare yourself for one of the funniest battles yet in this NSFW hilarious Epic Rap Battle. This time, it’s The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes taking on Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Again, there is a lot of dirty language in it, but this is hilarious!

    YouTube ERB
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    5 Stupid Things Abilene Drivers Do

    We all know that driving in Abilene can be a nightmare. In fact, it’s just flat out dangerous most of the time. Some of that has to do with the jacked up intersections in town. But, a lot of it has to do with some of the drivers as well. In fact, here are 5 stupid things that Abilene drivers do.

    Hulton Archive via Getty Images
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    Phil Anselmo Performs Pantera’s “I’m Broken” With Black Label Society

    Even though Vinnie Paul has consistently said that there will never be a Pantera reunion, that hasn’t stopped other former members from rocking out some classic Pantera songs during concerts. Check out this fan-filmed video of Phil Anselmo performing “I’m Broken” with Black Label Society.

    Phil Anselmo Facebook