This Thursday, November 11th is Veterans Day and we want to salute your favorite military personnel and show them how much we appreciate their service.

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Unlike Memorial Day, which is to honor those who have died in service, Veterans Day is when we celebrate all who have served, past and present.

Our veterans are near and dear to our hearts every minute of every day, so we'd like to show them a little love and support but we need your help. Please take a minute to submit some information about a veteran (or two) in your life that deserves a little recognition.

Make sure to listen all week as we "salute the troops" and recognize those you are honoring.

As much as we all disagree on things nowadays, I think we can all agree that our military personnel should be recognized and honored on a daily basis. I truly believe every day should be Veterans Day, alas it is not, that is why it's even more important that we all take a little extra time out of our day, this Thursday, to recognize those who have selflessly joined the military.

You know, not only do our military protect the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis, but having a military base in our community also adds to our economy, tremendously.

So, for multiple reasons, I'd like to extend a heart-felt thanks to everyone who served at Dyess Air Force Base, past and present.

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