The next time someone says "what's there to do in Abilene?" then tell them about Party on the Patio at Kent's Harley-Davidson. Seriously, you can't have more fun, for free, than you get at Party on the Patio.

Every Summer, our friends at Kent's throw parties for the public that include live music, food trucks, and just a good ol' time. The cherry on top - it's FREE to the public.

In 2020, the pandemic kept us all from partying on the patio, but now that Texas is open again - it's time to party!

The first Party on the Patio, for 2021, is Saturday, June 19th, starting at 6:30, with 360 rockin' the outdoor stage. So grab your lawn chairs (and BYOB) and meet us tonight at Kent's Harley-Davidson at 3106 South Clack.

It doesn't matter if you ride motorcycles. Like I said, this is an event for the entire community. You'll meet some of the nicest people on the planet at Kent's Harley-Davidson and Party on the Patio. Heck, while you're there - check out the store and maybe look at getting on two wheels.

Kent's Harley-Davidson has a wide-array of motor-clothes, parts, accessories, and of course, lots of motorcycles - new and used. As a matter of fact, the 2021 models are pretty dang sweet, so head on down and ask for a free test ride (with motorcycle endorsement on your license).

We'll see you on Saturday, June 19th, at Kent's Harley-Davidson for Party on the Patio. Just remember to bring a lawn chair and a cooler full of beverages of your choice.

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