Abilene, get ready to break out those coolers and lawn chairs and head out to Kent's Harley Davidson for Party on the Patio on Saturday, June 17th. This year, to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Harley Davidson, Kent's is making it even bigger with a custom motorcycle showcase with a chance at some very cool prizes.

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What is Party on the Patio?

Party on the Patio is an event in Abilene that invites folks of all ages to hang out, listen to live music, eat some awesome food, and hang out with your friends while gawking at all the amazing motorcycles and gear that Kent's Harley Davidson offers.

Trust me, you're not going to find another outside party in town that can compare to Party on the Patio at Kent's Harley Davidson.

This time around, Kent's is throwing it back to the sounds of the 70s with music from the Fabulous Freak Brothers. In addition to some awesome live music, Hearts BBQ, and Zombie Cones will be there to fill up your belly.

It all kicks off at 6:30 pm at Kent's Harley Davidson, 3106 South Clack on Saturday, June 17th. Be sure to bring a lawn chair and a cooler of your favorite beverages. Yes, you can bring adult beverages, just remember to please enjoy responsibly.

Custom Motorcycle Showcase

This year, Kent's wants to show off your custom Harley Davidson with a custom motorcycle showcase and all you have to do is simply take a picture of your bike.

Here's how to get your bike featured in the showcase:

  • Saturday, June 10th through Thursday June 15th, take your bike to Kent's for an official photograph for the motorcycle showcase. You can register your bike by going here.
  • Then, beginning at 6 PM on June 15th through 5pm on June 16th, voting will open on Kent's Harley Davidson’s Facebook page.
  • Once online voting is complete, the top 3 will be featured on the showroom, at Kent's, on Saturday, June 17th in which you can vote for your favorite in the People's Choice Awards. In-store voting will be from 10 AM until 7:30 PM on Saturday, June 17th.
  • Everyone who participates in in-store voting, on June 17th, will be entered to win a $100 Kent's gift card along with various other prizes.
  • Everyone who responds "going" and shares the Facebook event for the showcase and Party on the Patio will be eligible to win one of our daily $100 in-store gift cards.
  • Gift cards are to be given away daily from June 10th through 16th

You can find more information about the custom motorcycle showcase and Party on the Patio on Kent's Harley Davidson's Facebook page or by going to Kent's website.

So grab your cooler, lawn chair, your friends, and your family, and roll out to Kent's Harley Davidson and hang out with Rock 108 for Party on the Patio on June 17th.

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