A lot has changed over the years. But one thing that remains the same is the distinct sound of a Kent's Harley Davidson motorcycle cruising the streets of Abilene. Kent's Harley Davidson Honda Suzuki is celebrating their 59th anniversary with a party you don't want to miss.

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I know it sounds cliche to say "it's a party you don't want to miss", but it's true because why would you want to miss a chance to celebrate a local iconic business that has been supplying Abilene with the coolest motorcycles on the planet for 59 years?

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Now, this isn't just some event where you come to get a hot dog, shake a few hands, and roll. This is a true party on the patio style event with awesome live music, incredible BBQ, and just a rockin' good time.

The best part about it is that everybody is welcome to Kent's Harley Davidson and it's absolutely free.

When and where is the party?

The party is at Kent's Harley Davidson at 3106 South Clack and starts at 6 pm. There will be live music with Abilene's own South of Mayhem. Come hungry because Hearts BBQ will be there serving up their amazing food. Also, you'll want to bring a lawn chair and a cooler with your favorite beverages.

All ages are welcome and, again, this is an absolutely free event.

Photo: Kent's Harley Davidson Facebook
Photo: Kent's Harley Davidson Facebook

Don't forget, for your riders out there, there will also be a 120-mile poker run to kick off Harley Davidson's 120th anniversary. Check out Kent's Harley Davidson's Facebook page for more info on the poker run for Saturday, March 25th.

Photo: Kent's Harley Davidson Facebook
Photo: Kent's Harley Davidson Facebook

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