There's nothing classier than a couple of gals fighting at Walmart and that's exactly what happened on Tuesday night at the Walmart on Southwest Drive in Abilene.

My friend, Kelsey Stokes, happened to be there when it went down and was quick enough with her camera to catch a bit of it on video.

***Warning: profanity is audible in this video

Southside Walmart in Abilene. 👀

Posted by Kelsey Stokes on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I have no idea why these two, *cough*, ladies were fighting, but my guess is they are vying for the title of "Miss People of Walmart".

It appears that Walmart has rules similar to hockey in the sense that you can't break up a fight until they hit the ice - or in this case, the floor. Luckily for everyone there, no one went to the ground.

Stay Classy, Abilene.

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