While Abilene is the biggest city in The Big Country, it's not your only source for awesome cuisine. In fact, you can take a short little drive in any direction to sample some amazing restaurants that feature everything from Tex-Mex to Homestyle cooking and everything in between.

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The Big Country is made up of 12 different counties including where Abilene sits (Taylor County). Texas is huge. So, twelve counties is a lot of ground to cover, and that's a lot of food possibilities to chow down on.

Take a look at some of these fine eating establishments, then it's time to plan a little road trip to fill your belly up with food from some of the best restaurants The Big Country has to offer.

Delicious Big Country Restaurants Outside of Abilene

There's so much more to the Big Country than just Abilene. That means there are a ton of delicious restaurants outside of Abilene that you should try.

Gallery Credit: Chaz

I know. It could easily take years and several road trips to get your grub on at all of these restaurants. But, completely worth the short drive for your belly to experience a ton of different cuisines in the 12 counties we call, The Big Country.

Now, there's nothing like some good local food joints to get your grub on at. But, there are a ton of chain restaurants that have their place too and the following restaurants are definitely some that most of us would love to have in Abilene.

Restaurants We Wish We Had in the Abilene Area

Gallery Credit: Chaz


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