As we look back on 2011, we decided to check out the pages from our website that were visited the most by you. So, take a little time and look at some of the "hottest" pages from the Rock 108 website. Some you may have seen, some may be new to you. Enjoy.

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    College Football Cheerleaders - Texas Edition

    This is a no brainer...with football comes cheerleaders. Chaz wrote a post about the college football cheerleaders and focused on the hotties we have here in Texas.

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    Four Year Old Boy Found on I-20

    Here's another great story from Chaz. A boy was abandoned on the side of the highway (I-20) and Chaz scooped all media in Abilene about this poor little boy.

    Sweetwater Reporter/Facebook
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    Students Sex it up on the Roof

    Well, it appears Heathen is a voyeur. This piece is a gallery of pictures of 2 sex starved students on top of a building on the USC campus doing the nasty.

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    Best Places in Abilene for a Bachelor Party - Our Top 5

    Having a bachelor party and need some ideas? Well, here is our Top 5 of the best places in Abilene for your bachelor party. We believe The Painman may have been drunk when writing this.

    Mario Tama/Getty Images
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    Crush of the Day - Ashlee Adams

    Anyone who has spent any time on our site knows we have lots and lots of hot babes...including a daily feature called Crush of the Day.

    Ashlee Adams has to be one of the hottest women on the planet, which is why she was chosen as a Crush of the Day.

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    Justin Bieber and Slipknot Psychosocial/Baby Mash-Up Video

    In era of YouTube, coming across a funny mash-up is nothing new. Coming across a mash-up of Slipknot and Justin Bieber was a bit shocking...and effing hilarious!

    Lisa Marie/Getty Images
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    LeBron James Spends Over $170,000 on Bar Tab

    King James spent the night on the town and apparently paid for everyone's party. Who wouldn't want to party with LeBron James? Especially if he's gonna fork out 175 grand for the night.

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    Hot Twitter Girl - Mina Stefan

    Another one of our delicious Twitter Girls is Mina Stefan. She has found a very special place in our hearts (and pants).

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    Hot Twitter Girl - Audrey Nicole

    We love Twitter. More importantly, we love women who post sexy pictures of themselves on their Twitter page.

    Chaz compiled a gallery of Audrey Nicole's pictures from her Twitter account.

    Thank you Chaz.

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    Their Dads Must Be Proud - Girls Shaking Their Booty's

    The Painman spent an entire day drooling over "booty shakin'" videos and decided to share the love with you. This one is a bunch of hot girls shakin' their money maker. No surprise this page had more "visits" than any other on our website.