Anyone that knows me, knows that I love all kinds of music. It doesn't matter if it's country, gospel, rock, gangsta rap, or blues...if it's truly good music, I'll listen to it.

However, there is some music I just don't understand.

I'm talking about that bump de bump stuff that has no meaning...until now.

First off, I'm not dawgin' on anyone that likes that music, I just don't get it. Or, at least I didn't get it until now. My eyes have been opened and I can see the light. Granted, that light reflects off a big ol' booty that's bouncing from side to side.

You see, that music I'm referring to was not recorded to for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, it wasn't made for large arenas, heck, it wasn't even made for MTV. It was made for shaking booty in front of a camera for the rest of us to drool over.

Below are 5 reasons that music exists and why we must do our best to preserver said music.

Warning: some of the music is NSFW (not safe for work).

The Tandem Shake

These girls should contemplate contacting the International Olympic Committee. This should be an Olympic sport.

The Plumber Shake

I'm just assuming she's a plumber. See for yourself.

The Scuba Booty

These 2 girls may not be scuba certified, but I do believe they belong under water.

Can I Have Fries With That Shake?

I wonder what she's watching on TV.

There you have it my friends, a few reasons that bump de bump music must maintain life.

What are your thoughts on the booty shakin' music?