The Sweetwater Reporter, is reporting that a 4 year old boy,  named Angel,  was found on the side of I-20 by Sweetwater residents on their way to Abilene.

UPDATE: The father of the 4 year old boy that was found along I-20 in Sweetwater,  has turned himself in and is in jail.

Carlos Rico, turned himself into the Saginaw Police Department and admitted to leaving his 4 year old son, Angel, on the side of the highway as well as a black duffel bag that police have, so far, yet to locate.

Rico is being charged with child endangerment.


June 28 1:30p.m. -Apparently, the boy was found around 6:30 this morning with hundreds of cactus spines on him, but Sweetwater Police Chief Jim Kelley has said that other than that, he is in good shape.  The boy is named Angel and is Hispanic.

Child Protective Services are involved as well as the Amber Alert organization and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have been contacted, as well as many other law enforcement entities.

If you have any information about  Angel, contact the Sweetwater Police Department at 325-236-6686.

(Sweetwater Reporter)