The Abilene Ruff Riders announced today (August 17th) that they now have a new name - The Abilene Bombers.

About a month ago, the team, with new ownership and management, announced that they wanted to rebrand the team with the help of the fans.  The team name was actually inherited by Abilene after it moved from Katy, Texas.

The team held a press conference today, which fans were invited to, to announce the changes.  Head coach, Joe Brannen posted a picture of the new colors and name on his Facebook page along with a comment.

"Can't express how pumped I am to say that I have signed a two year deal to coach the Abilene Bombers! I am privileged to be able to coach the game I love, in a city that I love! Very excited for what's on the horizon for this franchise! Go Bombers!!"

That was followed by a concept logo picture posted on the official Facebook page of the, now,  Abilene Bombers along with this comment:

"FANS.........Here is the new name of the team and other information!

Mascott: BEE-1 (concept is a bee)
Colors: Shockwave Green, Navy and White"

So, what do you think of the new name - Abilene Bombers?  Do you like the new colors?  Do you think the change will help them in the upcoming season?