Hilarious Video of Dolphin Humping Woman
Your curiosity is peaked just by reading the headline, right? Yeah, mine was too.
I don't know the story behind this video other than it looks like some gal was at one of those places that had dolphin shows or swimming with dolphins programs. As the 'instructors' looked on, this lady w…
‘SongPop’ Game on Facebook is My New Addiction [VIDEO]
There are only a handful of games that I'll play on Facebook, and even then, I don't really play them on Facebook, but rather on my iPhone.  I'll play 'Bejeweled Blitz', Zynga Poker, and maybe one or two more.  Now, there is a new game out on Facebook called '…
Father ‘Jams Out’ at Concert While Son Looks Away [VIDEO]
During your childhood, how many times did your parents do something that embarrassed you?
While I'm not sure if this kid is embarrassed of his black sock wearing, goofy dancing father, I do know I would have been had it been my dad. The father and son are sitting down at some sort of electronica conc…

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