No matter what genre of music you listen to, more than likely, you have checked out music not even close to that specific genre.  As rockers, we try to be cool and never admit to listening to certain types of music...especially pop music.  Well some rockers have admitted to just that. Fuse recently asked some well known rockers, "What is your favorite pop song?".  Some of the results will surprise you.

On to the video.

Rockers' Favorite Pop Songs

So, there you have it. Vinnie Paul likes Christina Aguilera's 'What a Girl Wants', while Machinehead like to throw down on some Wham.

It's really nothing to feel guilty about and it's OK to admit if you listen to some of these pop acts, then turn around and throw in Slipknot or Metallica.  I mean, it's all music man!

I mean, if Corey Taylor can admit to listening to Abba, then we can all admit to our own guilty pleasure.  So, I ask you - what is your favorite pop song?