There are only a handful of games that I'll play on Facebook, and even then, I don't really play them on Facebook, but rather on my iPhone.  I'll play 'Bejeweled Blitz', Zynga Poker, and maybe one or two more.  Now, there is a new game out on Facebook called 'SongPop',  and it is my new addiction.

If you love music, no matter what genre, you will love this game.  It's basically like 'Name That Tune', and you can play with friends and earn points for different genres like rock, metal, 80's hits, etc.  You and the person you are playing, have five different clips of songs to listen to.  Whoever guesses the songs the fastest, wins each round.  The more you guess right, the more songs and genres are opened up.

Like I said, if you love music, you'll love this game.  Just beware, this game is super addictive...but very fun. It beats the heck out of 'Farmville' for sure.  I'm already playing like 10 people right now.  If you want to go head to head with me, then be sure to look for me on Facebook.

Here is a video of some game play.

How to Play 'SongPop'

Have you checked out this game yet? What are some of your favorite Facebook games.