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The Men’s Room Make Their Picks for the Upcoming NFL Season
Each year, The Men's Room pick their favorites to win each division in the NFL regular season, as well as the 2 wild-card teams per conference. We also attempt to predict who will make it to the Super Bowl as well as the champion.
So, with the season here, we went ahead and made our picks again.…
Chaz Takes R2D2 to Work With Him
Everybody knows who R2D2 is. But, did you know he's a good buddy of mine? Since it's Friday (August 16th), I decided to take my little friend to work with me to hang out, and get in on a round of 'The Men's Room'. Here's how our day is going so far.
The Men’s Room Talk About What Makes a Drink “Manly”
Each week, we attempt to circle the campfire and talk 'guy talk'. You know, locker room talk. Well, this week we decided to talk about 'manly drinks' and what makes them manly. Well, we didn't accomplish much but getting drunk and proving that we're (apparently) not tha…

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