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The Men’s Room Talk About First and Worst Jobs
We often hear about athletes, musicians, actors and other celebrity types first jobs or what they did before they got famous. So, we decided to pretend we were famous and that you guys actually gave a crap about what we previously did and talked about our first and worst jobs.
The Men’s Room Discuss Our Favorite Burgers
Men are simple creatures, give us a good steak or burger and we're happy. Seriously, that's about all it takes. Well, maybe throw in a cold beer and comfortable recliner as well.
Since May is Hamburger month, on the latest round of The Morning After Men's Room we decided to talk about …
The Men’s Room Share Our Favorite Song Lyrics
How many times have you sung along to song only to find out what you were singing was nowhere close to the right lyrics? Happens to us all the time. Better yet, how many times have you actually listened to the strangeness and coolness of the lyrics to your favorite songs? Many times they make no sen…
The Men’s Room Talk About Favorite ‘Dude’ Websites
Back in the day, guys had favorite magazines that were just for guys. You know, Maxim, Playboy, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Now, we bypass the wait from the mailman and go straight to our favorite sites. Yeah, there are websites that guys and gals alike can get in to, but there are also those…
The Men’s Room Discuss Possible Facebook Changes
Facebook is an ever-evolving social platform, but many of the changes that are made are rarely changes the typical user 'likes'. So, with the most recent changes upon us, we decided to talk about changes we'd like to see Facebook make that would enhance our overall experience.

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