Each week, we attempt to circle the campfire and talk 'guy talk'. You know, locker room talk. Well, this week we decided to talk about 'manly drinks' and what makes them manly. Well, we didn't accomplish much but getting drunk and proving that we're (apparently) not that manly.

We decided to call on our friend Alexi, from Glazer's, to bring by an assortment of booze so we can test em out and 'cuss n discuss' about manly drinks. About the only thing we really proved was that she can drink us under the table. We also concluded that it's not a manly drink unless Chuck Norris would drink it. So, if you're sippin' on a cocktail with an umbrella, that ain't manly.

We talked so damn much that we had to break it up into 3 different segments. You'll notice that in the first segment we sound perfectly sober...by segment 3...not so much.

Listen to the The Men's Room and give us some input as to what you consider a manly drink.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3