October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we decided to 'get serious' on The Men's Room and tackle the important issue among women and men, breast cancer.

Obviously, we're a bunch of idiots, so we had to bring in some real pros to help us out. Joining us on this round are breast cancer survivor (and co-worker) Shay Hill and Dr. Laura Bennett from Image Sculptors.

Shay battled through the terrifying experience of breast cancer and along the way she met Dr. Bennett, who specializes in breast reconstruction.

To give us another angle on this issue, Dave shared some stories about family members who have battled cancer.

Why is this important to men? Well, first off, it can happen to men. Heck, original drummer for KISS, Peter Criss, had male breast cancer. Another reason is because, as men, we love boobies and need to educate ourselves and everyone else so we can help save the boobies.

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