So I was perusing (big word) BroBible the other day and found a list of the "30 Drunk Things Every Guy Will Do Before He's 30". After reading for a bit, I found myself saying "yep, done that" to almost everything on the list. So, I decided to bring that list to the gents to see if they've been taken part in such philandering.

Some of these things include:

  • Throw Up in a Cab or Bus
  • Steal a Street Sign
  • Eat 100 Tacos in One Sitting
  • Argue with a Homeless Person
  • "Like" Everything on Facebook
  • Buy Everyone a Drink

Listen to the show to hear the entire list and to find out which we all did

We decided that each week we're gonna award the member of The Men's Room that has the greatest contribution to the show. This week, Dave had done almost all 30 on that list. He kind of sounded like the drunk version of Forrest Gump...thus the new nickname Forrest Drunk...and the award for the week (see picture).