If you were sleeping underneath a rock last week, you missed some of the funniest posts on our website. But, lucky for you, we have a recap of those stories including the hilarious Benny Hill rave, Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest splits, and a boob apron parody that will make you laugh until you cry. Check out out top stories recap for February 24th through March 2nd.

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    Dutch Rave Dancers Video Set to Benny Hill Theme Song “Yakety Sax”

    So, what do you get when you add the Benny Hill theme song to a video of 3 Dutch guys dancing at a rave? You get the funniest viral video you’ll ever see.


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    Katey and Chris Blow Off a Little Steam by Doing Back-Flips at Work

    Radio is a lot like most jobs. There are good days and there are bad days. Well, while I was wandering the building spreading tidings of love and joy, I came across Katey and Chris hard at work. Both appeared to be under a lot of stress. So, I encouraged both to attempt back-flips to rid their souls of negative energy. They seemed to think I’m the Dr. Oz of Abilene radio and actually believed that would work.

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    Husband Turns Wife’s Whiteboard Into Canvas for Penis Drawings [NFSW]

    What’s a guy to do when his wife brings home a whiteboard? Well, draw penis art, of course.

    Regardless of age, this proves boys will always be boys.

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    Watch This Hilarious ‘Boob Apron’ Parody of ‘Cami Secret’ Ad [NSFW]

    Apparently, Cami Secret is an undergarment similar to a dickey. Basically, it attaches to the bra-straps to give the appearance of having an undershirt. Whether it’s meant to be like an undershirt or to cover up cleavage, many think it’s the worst invention of all-time.

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    Jean-Claude Van Damme Does Zero Gravity Splits

    OK, this may be getting a little out of hand. Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme did the splits in a Volvo commercial? Then Channing Tatum parodied the splits, while Chuck Norris did his own version of the splits between two airplanes. Well, Van Damme is back…again. This time he does zero gravity splits between two satellites in space.

    Francois Durand, Getty Images