Finding a good, clean, safe place to go swimming has been simplified this year. The YMCA has taken over managing, all the ‘City of Abilene’ swimming pools, so last years lifeguard shortage will not be a problem this year. I’ve managed to assemble a list of awesome pools for you to cool off during the dog days of summer. Enjoy “The Best Places to Go Swimming in Abilene”, and please tell me which pool is your favorite.

Abilene State Park – Pool

This swimming pool and concessions are open Wednesday through Sunday, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Pool hours are 11 AM till 7 PM. Kids age 12 and under get in free, 13 and older pay $4. This pool is one of only two pools in Abilene that boast a high diving board. I discovered during my swimming pool journey that most pools are removing diving boards, for liability reasons. Built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, it’s the oldest and longest running swimming pool in the Big Country.

For more information about the Abilene State Park and its pool, please visit their website.


rose park – pool

The YMCA manages Rose and Stevenson Park pools. Roberto Aguirre, CEO of Abilene’s YMCA’s, said “because we run pools year-round, we have more access to good, qualified lifeguards, and the YMCA offers our lifeguards year round employment. I believe we are better qualified to manage the pools successfully.” Aguirre said he employs about 52 lifeguards currently to cover all the pools they operate. When I entered the Rose Park pool, it was apparent that the YMCA folks know what they’re doing, because it was clean, newly remodeled and available for private party rental after hours. The reservations can be made at Community Services, 633 Walnut. They’re open from 1pm till 6pm Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for children 5 and over.

If you need more information, you can visit the City of Abilene website.

Abilene Swim Club

The Abilene Swim Club is a “private members only” pool. However, non-members can swim but must be accompanied by a member. If you would like to be a member, there’s a two year waiting list. Before any new members are added a current member has to drop off. There are a lot of military families that are members at this pool and families are often transferred out.

The real plus on the Swim Club pool is that it has the “only” other high dive in the area, while it’s not as high as the State Parks ten foot high diving board, this eight foot high board had lots of takers climbing the ladder. It also has a great kids slide and an awesome tree covered picnic area. The lawns were well manicured and the staff was very courteous and attentive. The Abilene swim club stays open later than any other pool in West Texas.

For membership information, directions or contact information visit the Abilene Swim Club website.

The Dive Spot

Abilene’s best kept secret, has very quickly become our hot spot for swim lessons. Owners J. and Loraine Wilson are former high school swim coaches, nowadays they coach at Abilene Christian University and The Dive Spot. The Dive Spot has a kiddie-pool, sand volleyball court, tennis court, basketball goal and jungle gym with swings. The Dive Spot is not as open as other pools, because they teach swim, snorkel and scuba diving lessons daily, so call for availability. Located in the Lytle Shores suburb, you will also find it quite and comfortable with lots of trees and new picnic tables and benches and no membership required. Open Monday through Friday from 1pm till 5pm. The Dive Spot may be rented for private parties by calling 325-673-DIVE(3483) or Visit their website for more information.

The YMCA Indoor Pools

The YMCA has what it takes to run a pool, a great staff and awesome facilities. The indoor pools are great during cold/freezing weather. However, during 100 degree days, the ambient room temperature at the pool was just as high as outside. That resources at the YMCA are a major plus, and they have plenty of lifeguards on hand. The YMCA stays open until 8 PM and not a minute after. The staff is good about getting the facilities ready for the next day it’s always clean and the staff is willing to lend a helping hand if needed. The YMCA has a lot to offer in the way of aquatic work-outs and activities. To swim at the YMCA, you must be a member.

For more information about the Abilene Area YMCA.

For directions to: Red-bud YMCAState Street YMCA

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