A recent story on our website about a dude that got a Garbage Pail Kids full back tattoo, got me going down memory lane.  I remember those cards and used to collect them.  Do you remember them?

The 80's broughtus these popular cards made by Topps which basically spoofed the Cabbage Patch Kids.  There was 'Scuzzy Ozzy', 'Peg Leg Greg', 'Crater Chris', 'Armed Arnie'- heck, I could go on forever because there were a ton of them.  I loved those cards and thought they were hilarious.  They even made a movie based off it.

I remember my parents hated them and pretty much forbid me to have them.  But, I found a way to collect them.  I usually would hide them within my baseball cards or hide them in my brothers closet.  Can you imagine how offended people would be if they those cards were popular today?


Anyway, If you don't remember, check out this little documentary on them.

Garage Pail Kids Documentary

So, do you remember Garage Pail Kids? If you do, what were some of your favorites?