Abilene Animal Services does an incredible job in housing and caring for many of the area's lost and stray pet populations. However, even with all that TLC, some of those pets that enter the shelter get overlooked by the public and end up staying longer than anticipated.

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Justin Lelech, Director of Animal Services, recently informed me that there are quite a few animals that have been at the shelter for more than 45 days. So, we wanted to make sure you know about these adorable cats and dogs looking for a new home.

Could you imagine being on the streets, or in the shelter, for over 45 days without anyone wanting to take you home? It's not their fault that their previous owners couldn't, or wouldn't, keep them. Please, let's resolve to help lower the number of animals in need of adoption at Abilene Animal Services.

Mr. Lelech also encourages all potential adopters to meet and greet with the animals before deciding to take them home. This is a great way to find out if this dog or cat will be the perfect addition to your home.


Many of those animals are at risk of euthanization, so please help in any way you can.

Please remember that adopting a cat or dog comes with a long-term commitment to said animal. Spay or neuter your pets to keep any possible stray population to a minimum.

If you are interested in any of those pets, please visit the shelter at 925 South 25th Street in Abilene or call the shelter at 325-698-0085.

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