Our buddies over at Wallethub have released another report and this time it's about the best (and worst) states to live in. So, how do Texas and California stack up against each other?

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Wallethub measured affordability, economy, education & health, quality of life, and safety to determine each state's respective ranking. As a diehard Texan, I sure hope we stack up well against "Commie-fornia".

Source: WalletHub


Texas ranked 34th in overall affordability while California was dead last, at 50th.

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This is one that kind of surprised me knowing that Texas has a strong economy, but California is ranked 15th best while Texas is 26th in the economy.

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Education & Health:

Well, this is an area I know Texas needs help with as we fell all the way down to 36th with California just a smidge better at 24th.

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Quality of Life:

Alright, this is where Texas really shines as we were given a ranking of 11th in this category. California, though, shined even brighter as the 2nd best state for quality of life.

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Well, with the populations of both Texas and California, it shouldn't be much of a shock that we're not at the top of the list. As a matter of fact, California is the 27th safest state while Texas is the 33rd.

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Overall Ranking:

California sits right in the middle with a ranking of the 27th best state to live in and Texas is ranked at 34th.

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