Halloween is coming up on Monday. And, if you're worried about your child's safety as far as trick or treating, it's a good idea to know what neighborhoods in Abilene have registered sex offenders.

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Now, there are several types of sex offenders and different levels of their offense, low, moderate, and high. Bottom line is that they were all convicted of some sort of sexual offense, so as a parent, you want to know exactly where these people are because one could be living close to you.

Thankfully Texas has the No Candy Law where sex offenders are not allowed to hand out candy to children or take part in any Halloween activities between the hours of 6 am and midnight on October 31st.

Also, many states, like Texas, have rolled out legislation to monitor sex offenders closely. One of the forms of monitoring is the Sex Offender Registry. The registry shows the actual residence of the offender, as well as the name, picture, and offense.

In Abilene, there are currently 462 registered sex offenders.

City Data
City Data

You can check out City-Data, which has an interactive map that shows the sex offenders in your area as well to learn more. You might just be surprised at how many people that live in your area are registered sex offenders.

Does this mean your safety and well-being are at risk? Not necessarily, but it's definitely good to know that the state is keeping tabs on those who've committed sex crimes.

In Abilene, there are currently 462 registered sex offenders.

There are also free apps, like Life360, and you can look at the Texas Department of Public Safety's website, enter a little info like your zip code, and it will show registered sex offenders in your area.

Nowadays, you can never be too careful when protecting those you love the most.

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