Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez stopped by the morning show before his masterclass in El Paso for the El Paso Film Festival. There are few celebrities that can come into the morning show studio and leave the staff starstruck. One of those celebrities is filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a Texas-based director known for his films "Sin City," "Terror Planet," "Spy Kids," and his high acclaimed film "El Mariachi." His film "El Mariachi" was groundbreaking for its bare-bones budget of little over $7,000 that shocked Hollywood. After its release, Rodriguez's Mexico film trilogy was born and he went on to direct big-budget Hollywood films like "Spy Kids," "Alita," "Once Upon A Time In Mexico," "Sin City" and others.

Robert Rodriguez, along with his sons' Racer and Rebel came into the studio to discuss his unorthodox shooting method used in "El Mariachi" and how it shaped the rest of his filmmaking career. Rodriguez also discussed his new film "Red 11" that was filmed in the same manner as "El Mariachi." His masterclass would discuss making the new film and how they were able to make another great movie using as little money as possible. Check out our interview with Robert Rodriguez above and be sure to check out the El Paso Film Festival in the Sun City! You can also check out the trailer for "Red 11" below.

KLAQ, Buzz and Rob