It's my birthday! Yikes! I'm having a bit of trouble accepting my age, so I will not disclose it, but it's getting up there! As excited as my birthday makes me, having it land on a Monday is kind of a bummer. I had a great birthday weekend, so I'm okay with having my actual birthday be a chill day; especially when I know I have to be asleep by 7 P.M. and wake up at 3 A.M., I can't be going hard tonight.

What better way to have a chill evening in than with a movie night? Pizza and movies, that's my sweet spot; make it a horror movie and it's a winner. Celebrate my birthday with me, or if this is your birthday month as well, check out my list of recommendations for horror movies to watch on your birthday!

The Omen (1976)

The birth of the anti-Christ is a great way to start a birthday celebration. The one movie that made everyone scared of the name "Damien". If you're faint of heart, skip Damien's fifth birthday party scene, where his nanny hangs herself in front of everyone.

Happy Birthday to Me (1981)

I love this movie because it feels like it's straight out of the "Fear Street" series. It's the eve of Ginny's 18th birthday when suddenly her friends are starting to drop dead; will there be anyone left to attend her birthday? It's great 80's horror with a cult following that will make you rethink not showing up to that birthday party you're invited to.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Celebrate your birthday along with Jason's! We all know this story, horny teens go to the woods, they're murdered, a kind old lady tells them the story of Jason, and how it's his birthday. It's classic.

Happy Death Day (2017) 

It's like a horror Groundhog Day. A college student celebrates her birthday only to be murdered that night, then, she wakes up to her birthday again. She must then figure out who is trying to kill her in order to stop the loop.


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