One thing that is absolutely hilarious to me is seeing mascots get into a fight during a game. I don't know why. It just strikes me as funny. But, what if some of our area high school mascots really got into a fight? Who would win? Obviously, that would never actually happen. But for entertainment's sake, let's dive in.

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The Abilene area is full of different types of mascots. We've got birds, tigers, bears, bulldogs, and even gorillas. Now if those real animals ever got into a fight, I think we all know the result. A bulldog just can't simply take out a gorilla, right?

Well, for the purpose of this experiment, I'm going to ask for your help in determining which mascot would be the ultimate fighter. It's the Battle of the Mascots. Let's get it on!

Simply vote for which mascot you think would win in an epic battle for the ages. Ok, well at least for bragging rights. We will crown a champ based on your votes.

Thanks for casting your vote. Keep checking back on our website to see who ends up being the ultimate fighting mascot in the Abilene area.

Disclaimer: This is completely for entertainment purposes only. In no way are we advocating for mascots to really get into a fight and beat the heck out of each other. 

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