Well, you know what they say, "if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait about five minutes and it will change". That is exactly what's going to happen in the next few days as an arctic front is expected to bring rain, freezing rain, and possibly snow to the Abilene area.

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As I write this on a Monday afternoon, temperatures are expected to be near 70 degrees today and tomorrow. But, with the approaching arctic front, those temperatures are going to drop dramatically.

Wednesdays high will only be about 41 degrees with an 80% chance of rain. That rain will shift to freezing rain and/or snow later Wednesday night as we'll drop down to 14 degrees. Thursday will be even colder as our high will be only 23 degrees with a low of 9 degrees. With the wind chill, it will feel even colder than that.


According to the National Weather Service in San Angelo, we know for sure it will be cold, but not quite sure as to how much freezing rain or snow we'll get.

With temperatures expected to be well below freezing, you definitely want to be sure to take care of the pets, the plants, and the pipes. We also have some winter safety tips that you can check out right here.

Keep checking back on our website as we'll update you with any information as far as school closings and such. 

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