The Rotary Club of Abilene and Abilene Disc Golf Association presents the Abilene Mayor's Cup at Will Hair Park this weekend. If the thrill of hearing discs rattle into the chains pumps you up, this is the event for you.

Personally, I would love to be in one of these events, but it seems the timing is always off for me. Also, even though I love to play, I am horrible at it.

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What is the Mayor's Cup?

The tournament is broken down into two divisions, a Gold Division and a Blue Division. Each team consists of 4 players that will play a match play style. Basically, that means that players earn points for beating each other on an individual hole rather than tallying up stroke totals through an entire round.

Although anybody can go out and watch, all players for this tournament do have to have a Professional Disc Golf Association rating or have played in a PDGA sanctioned event in 2021.

Trophies for the first and second-place teams will be awarded along with cash payouts.

When is the Mayor's Cup?

The Mayor's Cup will be at Will Hair Park, 101 East Ambler this Saturday, October 23rd. Players are asked to check-in at 7 am with a player's meeting at 8 am. Groups will tee off at 8:30 am. Lunch will be provided to the players. The deadline for getting into this tournament is midnight on October 21st. You can register at

Need some more information?

Even if you're not playing in the tournament, disc golf enthusiasts are more than welcome to go out to Will Hair Park and check it out. In addition to seeing some really good disc golfers in action, Low Putt Disc Golf will be on hand for all of your disc golfing needs. For more information on the Mayor's Cup, check out Abilene Disc Golf Association on Facebook.

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