First off, we'd like to thank all veterans and active-duty military for their service to our country. As a sign of 'thanks', many restaurants in the Abilene area offer free (or discounted) meals for veterans and active military on Veterans Day, November 11th.

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Just remember, most of these places (if not all) will require your military ID or another form of identification as proof of service. Also, most of these places that offer free meals or discounts are dine-in only.

Please take a second to see what area businesses are offering Veterans Day deals and let us know if we're missing any.

LOOK: Abilene Area Restaurants Offering Veterans Day Deals

Please call the restaurant ahead of your visit to ensure they're still offering these deals.

Also, if you represent a local restaurant, that has Veterans Day deals, then please email me:

As a veteran, I'd like to point out that Veterans Day is to recognize all veterans (past and present) while Memorial Day is about honoring those that paid the ultimate price (their life) for the freedoms we enjoy today.

I just feel I have to point that out as so many times I see people thanking veterans on Memorial Day. While we appreciate the support, we shouldn't overshadow what that day is all about.

If you know a local veteran that doesn't have reliable transportation, then offer them a ride to one of the places mentioned above so they can still enjoy some of the perks of their service.

[Military Benefits]

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