Food trucks have been popping up all over the Abilene area over the last several years, giving foodies a ton of different convenient choices for delicious food. For me, there's just something about freshly prepared food from a truck that gives my belly a lot of satisfaction. And in a world where everyone is constantly on the go, we have a plethora of amazing food trucks right here in Abilene to satisfy any lunch hour and appetite.

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Being that we're in West Texas, BBQ is a staple of many food trucks. However, you'll also find other fine cuisines like Mexican food, Asian food, desserts, drinks, and so much more right here in Abilene.

Also, it is worth noting that since Abilene is a huge military community, many of those food trucks are also owned by veterans.

So, if you're having an event, and in need of a caterer, or you're just looking for some awesome grub on your lunch break, look no further than the food trucks listed in the gallery below.

When you click on the name of each food truck you'll be taken to their respective Facebook pages for more info.

Delicious Abilene Area Food Trucks

If you have an area food truck that should be on this list, then please send me an email with your info so I can get you added.

If you're looking for mass quantities of food to stuff your face with, then check out some of these buffets in town to really give your belly a workout.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in the Abilene Area

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