Josh Hamilton went on a tear recently against the Baltimore Orioles by hitting 4 home runs in one game and getting him into the record books as 1 of 16 players do so.  His recent string of success has been ridiculous, but is he the best player in the majors right now?  If not, then who is? 

Hamilton has seen his fair share of adversity.  From battling his alcohol addiction to battling injuries, he has kept on pushing forward.  This season, he leads the majors with a .406 batting average with 14 home runs and 36 RBI's.  His slugging percentage is .840.  In other words, the dude is a beast at the plate this year.

It would be hard for anybody to be compared to him this year with the way he has been playing and I think by far he is the best player in MLB so far.

What are your thoughts?  Who is the best player in MLB so far this year? Vote for who you think and feel free to write in a name that is not on the list.