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Ozzy’s Best Buy Suit To Be Auctioned [VIDEOS]
Want a little piece of Ozzy history? The black jumpsuits that he and pop star Justin Bieber used in the making of Best Buy's Super Bowl commercial are being auctioned off for charity. More, including some alternate endings of the commercial after the jump.
Justin Bieber Blown Away! [VIDEO]
Just as threatened, Justin Bieber was Blown Away tonight on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation "Targets Of Obsession" (2-17-11). When CBS said that he would not be back, they meant it. It was not a kind Pop death, but a hard core Rock and Roll kind of death, as he took on a dozen well armed…
Super Bowl Commercial: Ozzy And Bieber – What? [VIDEO]
Yeah, you read right.  The Prince of Darkness did a commercial with teen pop star, Justin Bieber,  for Best Buy and it is  expected to run during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.  Maybe Ozzy will bite the head off of Justin Bieber? We can only hope!