Yeah, you read right.  The Prince of Darkness did a commercial with teen pop star, Justin Bieber,  for Best Buy and it is  expected to run during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.  Maybe Ozzy will bite the head off of Justin Bieber? We can only hope!

In a recent interview, Ozzy was asked what type of music he listens to and if he listened to Justin Bieber.  His response: "Who the $@%& is Justin Bieber?". The guy can't talk worth a crap, but he sure belts out that, now, classic line! Awesome!

Anyway, that got me thinking about Super Bowl commercials in general. Even if I DVR the game, I won't  fast forward through it  because the commercials are entertaining themselves.  Nobody will ever forget the E-trade baby, or Betty White in the Snickers commercial. We all watch the commercials during the  Super Bowl regardless of if they suck or not.

So as we gear up for Super Bowl week, let's take a look back at last years commercials.

Which one was your favorite?