You truly haven't lived in Texas unless you've been to Natural Bridge Caverns. I recall my school taking us yearly and each time was such an amazing experience. Well, you don't need a trip to Natural Bridge Caverns to check out some awe-inspiring underground creations.

All you need to do is purchase this home in San Antonio. It comes complete with its own underground, natural cavern. Seriously. Keep reading to get to the photo gallery.

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Texas definitely has some unique homes, but this home totally takes the cake. I mean, who else has a natural cavern under their home that they can explore?

This must-see property boasts a cavern of its own. Over $87K in excavating, lighting, electricity & improving a natural cavern on this lovely 2.56-acre property in the exclusive 7 Hills Ranch POA surrounded by 3500 acres of Nature Conservancy land. []

You'll see by the photos that all the amenities are next level, but they all pale in comparison to the breathtaking cavern.

Just imagine this conversation:

"We're going to Bobby's house because he has a trampoline"

"Oh yeah, we're going to Timmy's house because he has an underground natural cavern"

You'll totally be the cool kid on the block with this house, so let's go ahead and take a tour of it; inside, outside, and underground.

This Home for Sale Comes With a Natural, Underground Cavern.

Who cares what the rest of the property looks like, this house has a cavern under it.

Again, not much can top having a home with a natural cavern, but this VRBO offers an oasis-like stay.

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